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Postby jramsden1 » Sat Dec 30, 2017 6:59 pm

Absolute novice over here, this is my first car.

Pug 206cc 2005 1.6 (Can't remember whether the 16v or not right now.) 80k miles

MOT is due in a month, and I know the car will fail:

1. The washer pump has gone. Easy enough to fix, I have a new pump, and am handy enough to jack the car up (nightmare with 206cc) take off the wheel and change the pump.
2. The horn doesn't work - not sure how easy this is to do, maybe a job for a garage if cheap.
3. The tracking is out. Not sure if this is a fail on the MOT, either way it needs to be sorted soon!
4. The exhaust system has corroded, and now become loose at the rear when the corrosion has meant one of the clips has become unattached. I know the rear box will need changing, and most likely the middle pipe as that's rusty too. Are these cars pre-cat converters? With both of those rusted, it's possible or probable the whole exhaust system might need changing.
*EDIT - Does the fact the rear exhaust box and pipe are corroded, mean the cat converter will likely need to be replaced too?
5. There could well be other issues, but not that I've noticed in day-to-day driving, i.e. drives fine, acceleration feels fine, braking fine, wheels in relatively good condition, no warning lights, etc. Not as fuel efficient as it could be, but not enough so much that I reckon there's any issues with fuel equipment.

So my question is what to do in what order?

Should I have the exhaust looked at first, fixed, then MOT it. The risk is there could be something more than the exhaust wrong with it, so paying to fix the exhaust only for it to fail on something else would be annoying.

Maybe I should just have it MOT'd knowing it will fail in numerous areas, so I can see what work needs doing, then make a call on whether it's worth doing, or whether to just scrap it? Girlfriend paid £1400 for it 9 months ago.

Any help or advice much appreciated!
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Postby Capncol » Mon Jan 01, 2018 6:54 pm

I would put it through an MOT first, as 1/2 the things listed may not fail, and there may be other things that it fails on that you haven't noticed. Most garages will give you a free re test within 10days giving you time to fix it or decide what you are going to do with it
Cheers Col.

206cc 1.6ltr (Wifes toy)
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When requesting help of a technical nature, please give as much detail of the fault as possible along with details of exact model, engine size & type, gearbox, year, mileage, and any relevant work carried out to try to solve the problem to help us help you.
Better still, put the details in your signature.
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Postby IanL » Mon Jan 01, 2018 8:12 pm

The cat converter may well be ok. You could take it to an exhaust place, and just get the bad bits replaced.

You could test at the horn terminals for voltage when the button is pressed. If that's ok, a replacement horn from a scrappy could fix it.
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Postby jramsden1 » Tue Jan 02, 2018 1:52 pm

Cheers guys - will let you know how it goes!
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