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New 206cc owner and loving it

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New 206cc owner and loving it

Postby GazWaz » Thu Aug 03, 2017 10:59 am

Good Thursday morning all,

Last Saturday me and the Mrs set off in pursuit of a 206cc. We’d looked at one the weekend before which seemed really promising until we saw it in the flesh and turned out to be a shed.

We had one to view in Barnsley which was about an hour and half drive away from Barnoldswick where we live. It was a an 04 with only 45k registered mileage that all seemed coati.

It was a little bit scabby on parts of the body work but nothing I couldn’t get sorted. The engine was clean and pulled well. Everything worked. We agreed a price, I was about to hand over £1200. I asked the guy to put the roof back up because the weather was looking a bit ‘british’. He went to start the car and…. Click……Click…. Nothing at all apart from this click.

I ride a motorbike and do all my own maintenance so I instantly thought, lose earth on battery or starter motor. Needless to say, we walked away with a lucky escape. I got a call from him an hour later to say it was the starter motor and that he’d now got it fixed with a new one.

We were already on our way to Dewsbury to look at another one. 55 plate in blue. 1.6 petrol sport with partial service history. Guy had it up for £1500. The car was REALLY clean inside and out. And everything worked as it should. We ended up paying £1300 for it and drove it home.

The main reason we bought the car was because the wifes leased Peugeot 2008 was gaining too many miles for our agreement. We have a Fiat stilo on the drive but the Mrs hates the car with a passion so that only got used in winter by me when the bike was a no go. The Stilo is going and being replace by our lovely 206cc.

We’ve only had it week but since then, the mrs hasn’t had a look in. My bikes been in the garage all week and I’ve been using the 206. Absolutely love it. Granted, it’s got no guts when you put your foot down but if I want speed I ride my bike. Roof is down at any opportunity and it’s a peach to drive. I’ve had some stick at work for driving a hairdressers car and that it’s gay but hey, whatever. Loving it.

Only thing I think I need to do is get the cambelt/waterpump done. Although it’s only got 50k on the clock it’s still 14 years old. Is there anyway you can tell if it’s already been done? The engine bay is spotless so it’s probably been steamed but the car has obviously been looked after.

Wow… just read this back. Sorry for the long post.. Mrs says I go on sometimes..

Cheers all

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Re: New 206cc owner and loving it

Postby johnbrander » Fri Aug 04, 2017 12:22 am

A very quick way and for reference only - remove top cambelt cover and turn engine over by hand and see if there is any printing on the smooth face of the belt but also look at the cambelt pulley and back plate for signs of paint timing marks put there by a previous owner.
Belt replacement intervals approx. 60 - 70K or 10 years.
This is for reference only but at 50K and the age put a belt kit & water pump on then you know its good for another 50 - 70K
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