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Under seat airbag wiring

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Under seat airbag wiring

Postby Clueless » Mon Jun 05, 2017 5:49 pm

Hi, Can anyone advise me. I have just purchased a new - second hand - seat for my Peugeot 206 cc as the leather stitching on the old one was falling apart. It still had the wiring connectors for the airbag plugged together up as the seller had simply snipped the wires. Unfortunately when the mechanic tried to pull them apart he snapped the red pin on the back of the green connector as he mistakenly thought it was some kind of locking device. What should I do? 1. I'm considering trying to remove the red pin from my old seat when I remove it and using that but am worried that this will snap too if I try to pull it out. Can this be done? I don't want to end up with two broken connectors but, in theory, it seems like the best solution. Is it possible to buy these connectors on there own as it might be best to try to pull the red pin out of a spare. 2. Cut the plug off the old seat and solder it onto the new seat. 3. Remove the leather covers of the new seat and put them on the original frame. Is this viable? 4. None of the above. I would be hugely grateful for any solutions. Oh, and is there any risk that I will activate the airbags when I unplug the electrics? Thanks in advance for any support.
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Re: Under seat airbag wiring

Postby gazza82 » Tue Jun 06, 2017 4:03 pm

I'd call your local Peugeot dealer and ask them to see if the connector is listed as a spare first. If not, I'd probably go for the cut, solder and heatshrink option (no 2).

On the subject of whether you will set the air bag off, I'd be inclined to disconnect the battery first, and leave it for 10-15 minutes to discharge itself. (Remember there is a correct way to reconnect a battery too!)
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Re: Under seat airbag wiring

Postby Artermis » Wed Jun 07, 2017 5:43 am

Hi Clueless,

I think you've got a pretty good assessment of what's going on there mate, to be fair.

It sounds like your donor seat has been supplied with both male and female (i.e. seat and car) halves of the connector if I'm understanding correctly. Albeit your mechanic has broken the connector on the donor unit.

It shouldn't be difficult to remove your existing seat correctly, in which case if I were doing it I'd cut the good connector off the old seat and solder it on to the replacement.

Otherwise I'd go as Gazza suggests and hard wire it removing the plug entirely. There is unlikely to be a scenario where you need to take the seat out again anyway, so it won't really be a big issue.

Swapping seat pads / covers across frames I really wouldnt recommend. If it's just the seat base that's finished then yes, swap, but I suspect it'll be the side bolster that's damaged, in which case swapping over is difficult to get a good finish.

Seat bases are usually only held on by four or so screws so it's nothing complex - maybe a wire for occupancy sensor but that's no big deal. Remember you'll likely have to remove the seat runners to get access to this.

The back pad you'd struggle to remove plastic fittings for things like head rest and rear access handle without damaging. Also if you foul up the cable for the rear access handle somehow it'll either not worth or snap - which is a pain.

If you did want to remove and replace the back pad - which I've not done on a Pug seat before but have done to others - you're probably looking for a couple of bolts either side on the bottom edges of the rear pad. Here is a random example (dont know what car) off google to show the kind of thing you're looking for bolts wise to remove the back half:


You can see the two bolts in the frame that hold on the plate which the back pivots on for adjustment / folding. Those bolts can be on the top or bottom half, I dont know exactly where they are on peugeot's seats.

You'll have to remove pretty much all the plastic work from the seat to get access you need. You'll have to be very careful prizing off cover pieces and cover parts to get access to hidden screws and clips that you dont break or mark them.

I'd definitely steer more towards a wiring based solution.
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Re: Under seat airbag wiring

Postby Clueless » Wed Jun 07, 2017 4:10 pm

Thanks for your detailed responses. Much appreciated. Soldering it is then.
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