Just bought one, few questions

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Re: Just bought one, few questions

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gazza82 wrote:
buy a specially set up stereo
It's not the stereo .. it's the car's BSI unit (computer). This is coded that it is fitted with a factory-fit stereo, and I think the radio's code, which also links it to the car. Swap it out with another Clarion or a non-standard h/u and the car thinks it has been stolen .. and bleeps at you .. constantly.
Not quite. The radio is coded with the VIN stored in the BSI. The radio does not have a code of its own. If the radio is stolen and fitted to another vehicle, the VINs will not match and the bleeps happen.

Therefore, provided the BSI is the original one fitted at build, a replacement radio coded by the seller with the car's VIN will not bleep when fitted. However, if a second hand BSI and ECU are fitted to the car, without the BSI being virginised and recoded, the VINs of the car and radio would not match the value in the BSI, in which case the radio would beep. To be assured that this would not happen, one would have to read the BSI's value of VIN before ordering the radio, which would need PP2000, so it's a bit chicken and egg.

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Re: Just bought one, few questions

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gazza82 wrote:

You also asked about opening/closing the roof on a motorway .. I'm not sure I'd risk it on a Smart one!! But on a motorway with a "Proper" hard shoulder, as longs as you pull off safely, I can't see why you can't stop to close it in rain.
You are advising people to stop on the hard-shoulder to safely close the roof on a motorway?
What country are we talking about?
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