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I'm WARREN, From Weymouth,

I have acquired an 2002 206CC in Silver.. it comes up with Silver/Black on the Logbook? Its a strange story on how I acquired it, I am a franchisee for ChipsAway, so a returning customer called me to sort out her 2006 Moonstone 206CC, when I went to estimate it, she told me about the other one she's had for 6yrs, and wanted to sell, I said I may be interested and will have a think, she showed me how the roof worked etc apart from the fact it didn't haha.

Anyway, we left it at that, and we agreed a price for her repair and she booked the work in for Saturday just gone. I turned up and started the repair, she came out and asked me if I wanted the car still, (I'd never agreed to having it) anyway I ummm'd and arrr'd, didn't really need a 2nd car, especially not a convertible! told her I'd ask about and see what I could do...she came out 20mins later said she can't be bothered to advertise it and needed it out the way and was going to call a breakers and scrap it haha

Cheekily I said I'd do the repair for it, amazingly shes said yes!! So I got a 206cc for £130...amazed? yes!!

it has mot until 17th June 19, brakes are not great to be honest! very spongy, needed a good clean...THE ROOF WORKS!! not sure how it didn't for her, she had told me it had a flat battery that she had jumped off her other one, it didnt work when I took it home, but by time I got it home(4 miles/15mins) it did.

so thats me!

hope to use this forum for many things
2002 Peugeot 206cc SE

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