Gear leaver play/wobbly, needs to be ‘firmed up’

All your other probs if any.
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Gear leaver play/wobbly, needs to be ‘firmed up’

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My 206cc, 2.0ltr has a lot of play/wobbly about 20mm when in gear
Did a bit of research and was advised to replace the gear linkage rods (20 off eBay, I had to cut them to the correct lengths)
How I did it
1. Car on ground
Removed the battery cover, Battery clamp, disconnected and removed the battery
2. Removed the battery box, 3 x 10mm bolts in the base of the box, unclip the air at the front on the base, and unclip the cables being supported by the battery box
This gave half decent access (if thats possible)
3. Used a long screwdriver to prise off the old linkage rods from their ball joints
4. Had to cut the new rods to length and set the angles (same as old linkage all 3 had to be cut)
5. Greased the rods ball joint connector before pushing into place, used the pin/clip that came with the rods to lock each end into place (fiddly) on the ball joint
See picture of new linkage/rods in place (battery box sill off the car)
6. Tested gear leaver - no better - so looks like it’s the bush at the foot of the gear leaver (next job) I will have to lower the exhaust, unscrew the heat shield between the floor and exhaust, to access it, is a nut and bolt through a plastic bush
7. Refitted the battery box (making sure the air flow is reconnected - bottom front) reconnect leads being held on place on the side of the battery box
8. Refit battery and support clamp, refit battery cover
Job done

Unfortunately I need to do the bush at the foot of the gear leaver
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