Removal of F&R Bumper Black Trim

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Removal of F&R Bumper Black Trim

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Hello All,

I'm trying to find out as much info for the removal of the front and rear bumper black trim.

My Mums 2.0 cc is going good she's happy with it for now and I've always thought that it needs colour coding to finish it off so I'm confident on the door mould trims and rear quarter trims prising them apart not too fussed if any clips break as replacements aren't end of the world to pay for just want to know mainly for the front and rear bumper trims for removal as I would spray these myself (D.I.Y Sprayer) at work in my own time so that the car is still useable as I've been too a few places and all have quoted the £150-200 pound mark for 6 trim parts is quite excessive.

I haven't seen any tutorials or guidance references whilst browsing the site? If there is any can someone point me to it :thumbs:

Hopefully the before and after shots I've found via the web will show what I mean
(Neither of these 2 cars are my mums car but hers is also a KMF Aegean Blue).

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Re: Removal of F&R Bumper Black Trim

Post by Capncol »

Remove the 3 or 4 bolts in the top and bumper trim pulls off.
You will more than likely break the side trim if you prize it off. pull out the ends furthest from the door shut then slide them towards the door shut to remove.
Cheers Col.

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Re: Removal of F&R Bumper Black Trim

Post by GrandadMonkey »

Just don't spoil it for your Mum...

I'd hate it if one of my offspring "improved" my car :mad:
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