Leak coming from seal interlock

Any problems assoicated with leaks
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Leak coming from seal interlock

Post by danlilley2000 »

Hi all, im new on here, just bought a 206cc for wifey. We have an issue with a leak dripping from the top of the drivers side rear pillar & it appears to be from where the rear section seal interlocks with the mid section, the two seals seem to interlock then you put up the roof. I can see a trace of vaseline where the prevoius owner has tried to fix. Is this likely to be a roof laignment issue or can I replace the seals?

Please elp if you can.

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Re: Leak coming from seal interlock

Post by Capncol »

Have a look at the many leaks in this section that have been sorted with the use of Silicone grease. It must be silicone though. Vaseline or ordinary grease will perish the rubber.
Cheers Col.

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Re: Leak coming from seal interlock

Post by Karrot »

Hi Dan. Sounds very similar to the one I had. I found water was coming in through the actual hinge on the passenger side between the front and rear sections.

I fixed this by opening the passenger windows, peeling the window / roof seal back along the roof section, then smearing silicone grease in behind it. At the back end of the roof section there is a slot cut behind the seal (in to the roof itself), I filled that with grease too. No leak since.

When the seal went back is squished out any excess grease which I just wiped off.

Hope that helps

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