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Fitting Cruise Control to a 2005 Auto

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Fitting Cruise Control to a 2005 Auto

Postby IanL » Sat Jul 14, 2018 5:12 pm

Cruise Control was not fitted until about 4/2006, but there has been speculation around the bazaars that it could be done with earlier cars. Some people had tried, and found that although the BSI configuration was able to be changed, the engine ECU config would not accept the change. I'd seen it suggested that the way to get round that was to tell PP/Diagbox the car was a Partner or a C3, so I decided to have a go.

I first tried telling PP it was a Partner, but it was clever enough to know that wasn't true, and, although it allowed me to progress, I could not find the option to implement cruise.

I then tried Diagbox, telling it was a C3. Of course, I had to use the Lexia tool (never tried it before, so totally unfamiliar). It, too, knew I was lying, and I could not find any configuration options.

I then tried PP again, telling it the truth this time. The BSI configuration was happy to change to include cruise, but I thought I was going to be defeated by the Engine ECU (as others have reported). To my delight, it offered three options for cruise - I chose the basic one - no display - as I thought it unlikely that my display unit would be compatible with the other options ( I could be wrong about that, but I'm not sure I want to fiddle any more). Anyway, with the sun out , the top down and wearing sunglasses, who can read the LED?

I had a bit of a problem selecting the required option, as I did not appreciate the twisted French logic of using the OK button as a "change selection" control. Now I know.

My stalk is the early (cruise but no speed limiter) design, and it works as described in the Partner owner's manual. I'm happy with that. I didn't need any other switchery as the auto throttle pedal has the required switch anyway for kickdown, and there's no clutch, of course.
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