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Want a cat back exhaust for your 206 CC??

Exhausts, Air filters and the like.......

Want a cat back exhaust for your 206 CC??

Postby fatboyslim » Sun Oct 30, 2011 9:20 am

The other week I was in contact with Cobra Exhausts in Sheffield
Basically they want a 1.6 206CC to use as a 'model' for one of their cat back systems
You'd need to be able to get to Sheffield and they would fit a system and then take pics and vids
For your time and trouble you'd get the system for £220 the normal price is going to be around £360
I'd really like to take them up on this offer but being off work sick means I have better things to spend £220 on
Afaik the offer's still up for grabs
If you're interested then e-mail Peter Jarvis pete at exhaustsuk dot com for the info
if you do go for it then some piccies would be nice as we all lurve piccies
(but I may hate you for it!!) :evil: :evil:
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