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need some help on service guys.

Exhausts, Air filters and the like.......

Postby P50CKY » Mon May 10, 2010 6:01 pm

hi guys long time no post.

my car missed its service last mot in december.

i phoned my local peugeot garage and they said its due for a full service cost £209.99 :hot:

the interim was £139.99. is it worth the money paid out? which should i choose? bear in mind im not mechanically minded and would need a step by step guide for me to attempt myself.

last mot it had all brakes checked/ replaced discs and pads handbrake cable changed etc. all lights work etc. i cant/ dont know how to change or check steering fluid, clutch and gearbox oil.

the things it needs doing is oil, oil filter pollen filter fuel filter, and spark plugs i think. would it be cheaper to get parts and attempt myself. and is anyone willing to write a step by step guide?

it has an induction kit on at the moment also. (peugeot were not willing to drop price even though i werent purchasing air filter from them?)

its a 206cc 2.0ltr on 60k miles or so 52plate. i believe the cam belt was done 4 years ago.

for the last 4 years its had the p1 service from peugeot as i wanted the stamp to show full service history as there was a potential to sell. now i think im gonna keep it till it dies, so stamp is not a neccessity now.

thanks in advance guys
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