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Engine swaps

Exhausts, Air filters and the like.......

Engine swaps

Postby Kimmie » Thu Apr 23, 2020 10:43 am

Hi all. I currently have a 206cc allure 2.0 s16 and was wondering if it is possible to fit the engine from the 206gti.
Is there a difference? It would be taking it from 140hp to 180hp if its possible.

What i was wondering is this.....Are there differences with injectors/ecu/manifolds etc.

Is this actually possible?

I would assume that the main block would be the same but does anyone else know what else would need changing.

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Re: Engine swaps

Postby gazza82 » Thu Apr 23, 2020 3:31 pm

If it's the GTI 180 engine then yes it would take it to 180 but most 206 GTI engines are the same as you have.

AFAIK the head/manifolds/ECU/Injectors are all different and the block possibly (thinking piston shape). The exhaust has differences .. and gearbox possibly. Being a later model it will be multiplex and earlier 206CCs wouldn't be .. so you'd have electric issues .. big, expensive ones as the GTI 180 loom and ecu wouldn't expect a folding roof for one!

Anything's possible .. depends on your skills and depth of your wallet.

If you want a 180 hp engine, just drop an 180 engine and gearbox in .. you probably won't get a 140 to 180 without spending a lot more ...

I would have suggested asking on 206info.co.uk .. but the site is down .. and could be no-one has paid the website hosting bill!! It would all have been on there ..
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