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Leather problem (mainly door cards)

hints'n'tip plus products.

Postby StuRS » Tue Jun 20, 2006 11:41 am

During the first couple of months there was what appeared to be a faded/scuffed looking area on the passenger door card. I guessed that the leather in the car had never been treated in the 2.5 years that it was on the road.

I purchased some turtlewax leather cleaner/conditioner and treated the seats and doorcards. The seats seem to be ok but the door cards looked really good for 1 day and then these faded patches appeared all over both of them. I treated them again and they have just re-appeared.

My thoughts are that these marks have been covered up (prob by peugeot) with some kind of treatment (or shoe polish), but where they have been cleaned/conditioned it has removed this (it didnt get any worse the second time around)

Are there any treatments for car leather that have a black colourant in them? Or can anyone give me advice on how to sort this out? A friend mentioned Connollising but I dont know much about this?

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Postby StuRS » Thu Mar 01, 2007 10:35 am

Just touching back on this subject. The fading seems to have gone over time, which is very strange?

However I have just purchased some Gliptone/Liquid Leather (Highly recommended by a huge amount of people) leather cleaner and leather conditioner. They also do a colour wash kit which I think is around £20 (depending on size) so there are still some options if the above doesnt work.

I will look into colonising as a last resort as its going to be £400+ and there is also buttoning which is around £600+

A local company do both of the treatments so at least I wont have to travel far. :thumbs:

Thanks for all the replies :rotfl: :P
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