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I have recently bought a 2001 CC 2.0 8) with dark grey leather upholstery that was a bit dirty and looked worn here and there.

I searched the net and have ordered some stuff from colourlock, which basically is a leather cleaner, then a "shoeshine" colourcoat and a preserver. I also bought some stuff like leather plaster to fill small tears and cracks(in the leather, mind you) and that seems to work too...

I must say (now that I have completed the back seats 8) ) that the stuff really works! At first I was not too enthousiastic about attacking the leather with white spirit and a fine sanding pad :shock: but after my initial hesitation it proved to be OK, and you would not believe the dirt that came off :shock:

So anyone with a dirty, or more specifically a tattered or damaged leather interior might wanna have a look at this stuff, though it is pricey!(paid almost 100€ for the lot :o )
I am in no way connected to anyone making this stuff, nor selling it and usually I am quite sceptical but it really is making a difference although it IS quite a job to do (took about 4 hours doing the rear without the drying times included)!
The leather of the back rests was beginning to dry crack where the sun touches it the most (the folded bits almost at the top of the inner portion of the rest where the stitching is) and that is beatifully softened up and has the (what I think is near) original colour back.

The interior is most certainly not appropriately cared for in the three years that is old, and the dealer most likely slapped the cure-all silicone wipe on it :( so the situation should not be as bad in your CC's leather interior...

I'll try to make some pics from the front seats for the interested ones (could not wait to try the stuff so I ripped out the back seats and rests the evening the stuff came in;) ), which are obviously more tattered than the back seats. I dunno whether the differences come across well in pictures, bit I'll try in daylight so my cam does not have to cope with the flash and can focus a bit better...

Can anyone inform me whether the little side arm rests in the back are leather or are those leather-look-plastic ??
(like on the seats and back rests where only the stuff that your skin touches is real leather)
The arm rests in the front look like the real stuff to me, but in the back :?
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