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Fabric seats

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Fabric seats

Postby wales1975 » Sun Mar 16, 2014 12:33 am

When looking to buy my 206cc, I looked at over 20 206cc's and I found that all the ones with leather interior did not wear well at all. My decision was to buy one with a fabric interior.

My fabric interior is in excellent condition, but the seats show up every bit of fluff, hair etc. Anyone have a good tip to get them nice and clean? I have tried lint rollers, but they don't do a great deal. Also if anyone knows of a product to wash the seats, they seem a little grimy in places.
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Re: Fabric seats

Postby Enright » Tue Mar 18, 2014 10:28 am

I think you can't beat a good scrub with a bucket full of Fairy Liquid and multi-purpose cleaner, then use a Vax to suck most of the water back out of the fabric. It leaves 'em lemon fresh!
It doesn't matter how much water you slop on the seats as the brush needs plenty to get some foam up, but then the Vax removes the majority of it anyway, along with any dirt.
If it's a nice day and you leave the windows up, the heat through the windows should get the seats completely dry in a day or so.
Otherwise you may need to sit on a towel for a short while to avoid embarrassing wet marks! :oops:

If hairs on the seats are an issue, a length of duck tape looped round your fingers (obviously sticky side out!) is pretty good, and just keep patting it on the offending area until the tape has lost it's sticky, then turn it round a bit.
Neil. ;)

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