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Diifference in clearance between passenger door and drivers

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Postby Thar » Sat May 16, 2009 12:20 am

Sorry for strange subject heading but not sure how to describe it.

Sometimes when my hubby closes the passenger door (when seated inside), the window is outside of the seal. I have searched and see that this is a known problem in some cases related to the alignment of the window. However, when my son closes the door this never seems to happen :?

I noticed that there is some clearance between the drivers door and the seat but on the passenger side there is very little clearance between the door and the seat. We seem to have identified that if my hubby sits normally in the seat, the seat is pushing against the door and this seems to be causing the problem with it not closing correctly. As my son is much lighter and therefore there is no pressure against the door when he closes it, it closes correctly.

Can someone check for me that it is normal for there to be more clearance between the drivers door than the passenger door? The seat appears to be fitted correctly on it's mounts but it seems strange that there is noticeably more clearance between the drivers door and the seat.

We can get around the problem by getting my husband to lean to the right when closing the door or even lowering the window slightly so it's not a major problem plus I am loathe to take it to a garage as I have heard horror stories after re-alignment attempts.

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Postby Ainsley » Thu Jun 18, 2009 11:16 pm

this can be the window not lined up properly, i had this on my drivers door, i lowered the drivers door slighty and it stopped it, but looked crap because the trims in the middle of the door werent lined up properly, so i straightened it back up and took the door card off to get to the window, its held at the bottom by 2 magnet thingys u can undo them and lower the window slightly to solve your problem.
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