Boot lid lock microswitch

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Boot lid lock microswitch

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Hi all
just fixed the mrs 206 roof problem and its one to watch for.
symptoms are the roof will not fold and it just beeps with nothing happening.
and the mrs also reported that she was getting the boot open warning intermittently.
on inspection of the boot catch it has worn the plastic roller away off the centre pin that locks into the mechanism on the boot lid.
this causes the closed position on the striker plate to be a few mm higher than it would be with the plastic roller in place...thus the fully shut position of the boot lid does not open the micro switch so the roof ecu thinks the boot lid is open.
the simple fix is to raise the striker plate up about 2mm and thus the boot lid will go deeper into the locked position on the striker and contact the micro switch and open the circuit allowing the roof to now work again.

Cheers Terry :)

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