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YARP (yent another roof problem)

All your roof problems here.

YARP (yent another roof problem)

Postby kalli » Mon Aug 01, 2016 4:41 pm

Hey all,

roof stopped working properly and I'mcompletely out of ideas. I watched the roof operation video,i know the location of the microswitches and understand howto manually open and close it (allen key etc)

sometimes I can get it back into the fullylocked position, sometimes i cant and its driving with bleeping.
once I manage to fully close it (not sure what actually makes it asuccess) the roof failsto open.
Sometimes its stuck right after its unlocked, sometimes it stops in mid-air
once it stopped when the roof was fully opened but it diodn't lock it.
I have a feeling its one of the 2 microswitches that check if the roof is locked (in trunklid), the ones next to the white locking clamps

any idea how to scientifically approach this

desperate .. noone wants this car because of roof. all are afraid its hydraulic,which i think it isnt

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