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Another beeping roof/boot problem

All your roof problems here.

Another beeping roof/boot problem

Postby KeithB » Mon Feb 01, 2016 7:13 pm

I know that many people have posted with similar problems, but I have tried many of the things suggested and still cannot work out how to fix my car. I would appreciate any help: especially if there is someone with Peugeot Planet near Eastbourne (Sussex) or London.

So, the problem is that a couple of weeks ago the car started making a quiet, rapid beeping, continuously when above about 5mph. And at the same (or about the same) time the rear window demister stopped working: there is no click when I press the button and no light comes and (and it does not heat).

I noticed that the main boot catch was pretty bashed and one of the microswitches had lost its lever (the switch which turns on/off the boot light) so I have replaced the whole part that star screws onto the rear panel of the car. Both the microswitches in this replacement (used) part appear to work but the beeping continues.

I cannot open the roof. I just get that same rapid beeping. And I have noticed that when I open the roof latch on the right there is no "bong" as I recall there used to be - I have not opened the roof for several months. When I reclose that latch I get the same fast beeping but it is continuous until I turn off the ignition.

I have looked at some of the other microswitches and they seem to work (they make a clicking noise: I don't know how to check them electrically). From the diagram on this forum post:
I have checked F (that seems to be one of the two in the main boot latch), E and J, and (I think) C and D. Some years ago I had problems with A (the passenger side roof pillar microswitch) so I simply removed it and permanently connected the wires (the roof opened and closed fine: I just had to remember to open the latch!). At about the same time I had problems with H (the luggage cover extended switch) so I removed that and permanently connected the wires (the roof opened and closed fine).

Any suggestions would be gratefully received!

And/or is there anyone in the south/south-east with Peugeot Planet?

Thank you!

My car is a manual 1.6l 2003 206cc.
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