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Another roof has just failed!

All your roof problems here.

Another roof has just failed!

Postby zammish » Thu Oct 15, 2015 5:17 pm

hi everyone i have a 52 plate 206 cc 1.6 i bought from a scray yard and restored it. had it for about 2 yr now and it was fine, last week i put it up for sale and a bloke came over and tried everything and it was all fine, obviously a few details needed sorting like tyres and whatnot but nothing major.
today the bloke came back and i told him the car was finished, thinking because it was a nice sunny day for a change ill put the roof down but..... BEEP BEEP BEEP!
all i get are 3 beeps, no bongs at all!
the blind is extended, latches are unhooked and ive checked the microswitches in the boot and a pillars and still nothing!
i changed the battery last week but i tested everything again and it was still alright.
im completely stumped on what to do next!
ive put the roof up and down manually a few times to get it to work and still no luck :(
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