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Roof issue

All your roof problems here.

Roof issue

Postby adame3d » Mon Mar 24, 2014 7:44 pm

Hi all,
I'm having a problem with my 206cc roof. I'm looking for some advise on what part I need to replace or get fixed.

The roof was working fine when I bought the car then I had an issue with the O/S rear window where it wouldn't go back up (getting stuck in the bend on the way up). I have since put some fairy liquid on the joints of the rear window mechanism and the window goes up and down ok but is sometimes a bit slow.

This has then caused another problem where the roof will no longer go down.
- When I release the hooks to lower the roof it doesn't beep
- When I then try to lower the roof it gets about half way and stops (this also can sometimes be a bit jittery)
- When it gets half way if I press the button to continue lowering the roof it lowers the roof into the boot but the rear parcel shelf does not engage and the rear boot does not close

I've also plugged Peugeot Planet into this to hopefully identify the issue (which turned out to be useless because it didn't detect the roof)

Any suggestions would be helpful

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