clearance bewteen trailing arm and crossmeber

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clearance bewteen trailing arm and crossmeber

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Hi everyone.

I replaced my 2002 206cc 2.0 trailing arm bearing recently.

but i got a big problem after i reinstall trailing arm on crossmeber.

I put the arm all the way on the tube,but i find out that is a problem after i put the ARB in,cause the ARB will not short enough to match on both arm.

So i pull both trailing arm out a bit to match the lenght of ARB.

After i put everything on and test drive it,
The rear started to make some funny sound while i drive though bumps, "Ping Ping" Sound like two metal hitting .

I am guessing the problem come from the wrong clearance of the trailing arm.

The question is :

How many clearance do i have to leave bewteen trailing arm and crossmeber?

Thank you

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