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engine overheating

All your other probs if any.

engine overheating

Postby welshkimmy » Sat Aug 30, 2014 8:58 pm

Hi - very new to the forum as bought my gorgeous 2002 206cc today, and apologies for my first post being a technical issue!

The car is great. fsh, 60k, with new clutch. Tested it for 20 mins with my boyfriend who checked the temp and it hovered around 80-90. No 'mayo' under the oil cap or on the dipstick. no bubbles in the coolant tank when revved. Only thing was that the coolant was more of a dark colour (brown/dirty).

Decided to buy it and drove from Bristol to Cardiff. About 45 mins into the journey I ignored my other halfs instructions and turned the fans from hot to cold briefly. Soon after this the stop light flashed and beeped. Pulled over and my boyfriend said it was overheating. I was stupidly looking at the oil temp gauge not the water!

Water temp was in the red but no steam. Boyfriend said the pipes were very hot and pressurised. He tried to release a little pressure by slowly opening the coolant cap (couldn't find the bleed valve on the radiator) and then closed it when it poured out! Started the car again with the fans on full and hot and the temp came down to just over 90. Tried driving it for another minute or two up the road but the temp crept up again to the red so stopped. Got the RAC to take me home.

RAC guy thinks it may be the head gasket. Boyfriend not convinced and wants to do a sniff test and pressure test. Hoping it could be a bad air block in the system or thermostat. RAC guy apparently checked the water pump by removing the thin radiator pipe and water was being pumped out as normal

I know it's hard for anyone to suggest what it could be without seeing it, but any thoughts or tips on possible causes?

Would appreciate any help as boyfriend swears by these forums and sorry for the long winded first post!

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