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Engine cover

All your other probs if any.

Postby 3potjohn » Mon Nov 10, 2008 4:47 pm

Right-I'll start by saying I am not a car man, I much prefer motorcycles. However my other half has a 206 diesel. I now find myself unable to countenace any longer this wretched thing-who came up with the design for the engine cover mounting? Bring back the guillotine I say. And they paid someone to do this?And then I paid someone for the car. I don't know who's the bigger fool.I reckon the only answer is to fit some stainless bolts into nylock nuts,with petrol pipe on the bolts and or bathtap washers. I have previously araldited the blasted mounting rubbers in situ and now one of the metal threaded bits has sheared off in the ?brass jobbie on the engine.Grrrr!n It's the cobalt drill for you matey. And if that accursed oil dipstick protrudes any higher I'll snap it off out of spite.
Not to mention I've just scagged the skin off my hand trying to wheedle out the duff headlight bulb. And can anyone operate that damnable heating system without taking their eyes off the road. What's wrong with a twisty or sliding knob control ?Too easy eh?
Well the weather is to horrid to try anything smart today but come tuesday its the big drill time.
Beauty over function.It was never like this with my 525tds!
Rant over...if anyone has modded that engine cover mounting succesfully ,other than give it the Haynes treatment (throw it away) I would be very pleased to hear about it.
Ah a brainwave! I will fix the cover to the inside of the bonnet. I'll prove Jeremy "never buy a French car " Clarkson wrong yet.
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