new pug ownership

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new pug ownership

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Hi from Selsdon Surrey,
I am 70 years young and have always wanted a 206cc it has taken me 12 years to make the decision to finally take ownership of one, two months ago after a lot of looking I purchased a 2003 2ltr. with 44,000 on the clock from a chap down in Plymouth Devon. I have since renewed all brake rotors and pads,fitted new front shocks and downlinks, changed the standard airfilter for a free flowing piper and had a stainless steel exhaust fitted, its away at the moment having Dinitrol and Underseal. I must say that after a life time of owning various fast cars and taking part in track days and rally's etc. I was pleasantly surprised at the way the little pug drove, especially pleasing was pissing of a BMW driver from the lights on a fast piece of dual carriage !. The only problem with driving the pug is I find I need to drive with narrow shoes as the pedals seem a bit close making heel and toe a bit difficult. I wish I'd got a 206 cc a long time ago, it's got lots of punch for a small car, handles like a roller skate and is so easy to park, next stop remap .

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Re: new pug ownership

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Hello from Kingsbridge, Devon.
A coincidence, I too bought my 2003 in Plymouth in 2016 and am also (last week) 70 years young and, like yourself, had much work done over the last two years - too much to go into here as I'm sure you'll understand. Quite agree that it's a bit of an ego boost to thoroughly hack off BMW driving boy racers who think it fun to tailgate, bye bye prat!
Top down and keep rockin' (keeps us young). Cheers.

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Re: new pug ownership

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Hi and Welcome.
Cheers Col.

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