Replacing crankshaft seal

Any problems assoicated with leaks
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Replacing crankshaft seal

Post by steve747 »

All of a sudden i have got a leak from the timing side crankshaft pulley oil seal..
Is it as easy as removing auxilary belt , and remove cambelt , also remove crankshaft pulley.
Stab the crankshaft oil seal and replace? ..
I have replaced the cambelt ,water pump and head gasket a few weeks ago..
so im hoping the leak is not from the gasket...


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Re: Replacing crankshaft seal

Post by Capncol »

Yes that's pretty much it
Cheers Col.

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Re: Replacing crankshaft seal

Post by Slo »

Rather than stab it, drill a tiny hole in it first then screw in a self tapper, the screw will hit metal and push the seal out easily for you.
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