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Losing Oil - Somehow?

Any problems assoicated with leaks

Losing Oil - Somehow?

Postby _chris_ » Sat Feb 15, 2014 5:00 pm

My kids 206 1.4 diesel was using about a litre of oil a week, the DPF was full, so perhaps that was causing some overheating/other issue?

The garage jet-washed the DPF, which seemed to work fine, but they couldn't find the oil leak, so now it's on my drive to be looked at... :o

The turbo doesn't kick in, and it lacks power in general, but it does run.

There's a small amount of oil on the top of the engine (circled in red), could it just be a gasket?

Not really sure what I should be checking first - so any advice would be great!
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