Boot warning

Electrical 206CC problems
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Boot warning

Post by Amykins »

Hiya guys, new peugeot 206cc owner here!

In the last few days my lovely 206cc has started showing/flashing a boot open warning (it's closed) flashes/bleeps for a second then goes off, but bleeps/flashes every few minutes, also seem sensitive when going over road humps, then when it comes to locking, it interferes with the central locking.
Planning on replacing the boot struts and key battery soon.
I'm quite handy when it comes to cars, so ideally I'd like to sort it myself.
Thanks in advance!

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Re: Boot warning

Post by IanL »

Assuming the boot lid catch is working correctly (not allowing the lid to bounce), it is probable the micro switch for the boot lid is out of adjustment. Switch F here.

EDIT : Alternatively, the wiring for the microswitch is dodgy, causing intermittent contact.

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