Airbag Light is now off

Electrical 206CC problems
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Airbag Light is now off

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After the epic that was the changing of rear axle bearings I thought that I would tackle my airbag light.

Found smashed plug under drivers seat that I replaced with the blanking plug from the passenger side (with terminals carefully re-inserted). Light still on :( . Had diagnostic when in garage for service and it indicated that Comms 2000 unit had breaks in both wires. Bought a working one from EBAY. Removed old unit (yes battery had been off for 30 mins). Replaced with new unit light still on. :? Gave up and went to load Peugeot planet onto my old xp laptop. Much fiddling later plugged into car which told me there was still a break in one of the wires of the comms unit. Contacted seller who swore blind it was all working.

Stripped airbag off again to find plug had come loose. It had looked like it had pushed home but can't have been all the way home. Pulled the yellow plastic locking thing right out pushed plug home and locked it in place.

Attached battery and light now out :big-grin: Did small dance around garden!! Apologized to Ebay seller :oops:

Now just have to get the radio to keep its memory and car is almost sorted.
I find myself the owner of 2 silver Peugeots: 206cc Allure and a 4007 (7 seat 4x4)

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