Door contact problem

Electrical 206CC problems
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Door contact problem

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Hi, I will do my best in English:

I'm working on a 206CC 1.6V 16V from 2004 refurbishing.
One of the problems I have at the moment is that when I want to lock the car with the remote control, the locks immediately pop open again. This is because the car always indicates that the driver's door is open, while it is actualy closed. So I suspect a bad (or no) contact here. Now I would like to solve this, the contact is already located, and it appears to hang loose (so cable is not connected). Now I want to connect it again (or bridge it), but I do not know where to connect it exactly. I have already reached the stage that it should be at least one of the connectors on the BSI. I now also have the BSI out of the car. But I do not find which pin of which connector is used for this contacts.
I already had the "Revue technique automobile Peugeot 206 essence and diesel" in my possession, and this has a very nice scheme from the BSI, only this appears to be a different BSI than the one I have.
And so I hope that someone can help me.
My BSI is type: E02-00 MG (I would have shown pictures, but since this is my first post, I am not allowed to..
Thanks in advance!

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