No Speaker Output

Electrical 206CC problems
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No Speaker Output

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Bought a 1.6 Allure with the JBL speaker system and standard clarion RD3 head unit. Over the last few weeks , the sound faded when applying the brakes, using the windows or fan and then return a few seconds afterwards until using any one of the above. Weak power feed?
Then yesterday no sound at all.

Removed, cleaned and tested every fuse in the under bonnet fuse box and interior fuse box with no success... dead.
Even hooking up a spare head unit from my other car gave the same problem ... no sound.

I suspect either no power is getting to the JBL amp or it has completely broken down.
Is there a fuse for the JBL amp? Cannot see anything in the handbook referring to an amplifier fuse.

Any advice welcome.
Driving me slightly mad as I have a 100 mile commute 3 times a week.



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