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engine immobiliser fault (another one)

Electrical 206CC problems

engine immobiliser fault (another one)

Postby verdi » Tue Nov 21, 2017 1:09 am

so I'm new here so hello!

my missus just grabbed a 2002 2.0 se for what seemed bargain price.

she's a nurse and this was a big deal for her so gutted for what follows...

anyway we only had one key...buttons worn away so no idea if alarm ever worked

car did drive and we got home ok, so next day the battery was dead ..no surprise as battery was ancient and was a 063.

so at that point the engine immobiliser fault had already appeared..as battery asn't completely dead..and even though we didn't use the remote the key originally opened both doors and now only one door unlocks...so cebtral locking gone.

I read up on here and bought a brand new 027 battery and followed the battery disconnect and install instructions.

unfortunately the car turns over but will not start ...engine immob fault still displayed

if I leave the key in the ignition and open the door there is no beep .....

I have tried the BSi reset procedure a few times but have never heard the 'bong'.

everything else electrically appears to be working normally in the car. I have given fuses a quick once over and all seems fine.. .will be checking in daylight tom

I am guessing the key is not recognised anymore or bsi is confused

I am a complete noob so I've only reached this theory by researching on here ...so may be totally wrong

open to suggestions ..

I'm reasonably techie and would prefer yo get pp2000 myself than pay some silly fee. that's assuming that i would be able to map some new transponder chips?? if bsi is corrupt then what? ..but again happy to take your advice guys

thanks in advance

so I am open to suggestions as I have seen quite a few posts

or if there's anyone local I'm sure we can sort something out.
just wanna cheer the missus up

thanks in advance
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