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fire in my fuseboard!

Electrical 206CC problems

fire in my fuseboard!

Postby bengibbs1990 » Sat Jul 02, 2016 11:08 am

right so my 206cc (petrol) has been sitting for about a year.
syphoned fuel and changed filter, new battery starts and runs like a beauty.
after i changed a 5a fuse that is.

i then noticed a 20a fuse was blown on the box under the fuse board ( this is all driver side).

so with my nice new fuses, try putting the roof down, roof jams at last position, ie the boot shutting over it and then i notice a fire between my legs.
wiring from fuse board all looks good, except 5a fuse will blow on contact.

i need help removing the box underneath which i think runs foors ect to inspect it.
any ideas?

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