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All dashboard lights flashing, fuel gauge etc not working

Electrical 206CC problems

All dashboard lights flashing, fuel gauge etc not working

Postby elise.carroll » Thu Feb 26, 2015 3:00 pm

Hi All,

Help! My 206 cc Allure 04 reg went berserk today. Nothing works - no speedometer, fuel gauge, rev gauge. All lights went on and the stop sign is on. The air bags are blocked. This happened after I refueled and restarted the car.. It drives fine, even better than before, strangely.. I just can't see poop.. I wonder what caused it.. Would a battery restart help? (some advice on what I unscrew and where would be awesome..) Has anyone come across this? What is likely to be the cause? The car was bugged by another problem from time to time, the engine light comes on and the engine cuts out or "coughs" when I slow down (when it feels like it), but upon turning of the key off and on it sorts itself out. The mechanics have looked at it a few times, changing various bits, but nothing worked.. I don't have a diagnostic kit, and need to drive to the airport tonight.. Would the lights being on drain the battery..? Gosh, any sort of advice would be welcome right now! Thanks a lot in advance, guys! I am literally at my wit's end.. (Have called a mobile mechanic but they have not got back to me yet and are not likely to make it today..)

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