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Central locking

Electrical 206CC problems

Central locking

Postby Mike Rolite » Fri Jul 04, 2014 2:05 pm

The central locking on my wife's 2005 cabriolet has stopped working. The lights flash when the remote is pressed and the boot still locks but both the the doors just give a muffled click but don't lock and have to be manually locked and unlocked. (The boot still locks when the doors are manually locked with the key).
I have had the drivers door panel off and tried plugging in several door locks from the local scrap yard and none of them operated, also checked the cable from the door hinge point plug for continuity.
The local Peugeot dealers did a diagnostic check and charged me £40 for telling me it wasn't working and they needed about 2 days to really examine it (not fix it) at £80/hr.
Looking at the wiring diagram the two wires that operate the boot lock are in parallel with the door locks so I can't see why the doors won't lock unless there is a problem with the door switches which are shown in the diagram. I am sure that I could fix it if I had a more detailed diagram and an explanation of how the system works.
I can buy a complete remote central locking kit with four motors and two remotes for under £20 on Ebay so I will not be going back to the dealers.
Any ideas?
Mike Rolite
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