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limp mode throttle problem!!

Electrical 206CC problems

limp mode throttle problem!!

Postby adam5861 » Sat Mar 30, 2013 6:39 pm

My car is showing a range fault code and occasionally a circuit malfuntion one for the throttle position. If i erase these codes and start it up with my foot on the throttle it will rev up until it meets the pedal position. As soon as it meets it it will go into limp mode. I found a burnt out track on the ecu so ive repaired that and replaced the throttle body and pedal sensor but still got isaues. Ive bought a new ecu kit but the bsi doesnt match the car as i get lots of warning lights on. I get limp mode with the new ecu but wasnt sure if that was to do with the bsi problems. Is it worth me getting the new ecu coded to the old bsi or am i going down the wrong path.
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