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BSI Burnt out, nightmare saga help please

Electrical 206CC problems

BSI Burnt out, nightmare saga help please

Postby rainbow » Fri Jan 13, 2012 11:02 pm

Hi All

New here. Love my 206cc been fine for 6 years, am having a nightmare.

One morning non start. AA attended, diagnosed suspect BSI. Local garage recommend auto electrician. No errors showing on ecu, on further investigation BSI had burnt out. which explained the smell of tcp!

As peugeot couldnt supply for 4 weeks, obtained second hand bsi and ecu, guy fitted it, did some rewiring as some burnt appeared ok. 30 min drive with roof down to try get rid of smell.

Then was making a funny clicking noise, when we went past in on the driveway, tried to open door, passenger door unlcoked driver didnt manually unlocked door, started car, and ignition wouldn't then turn off.

auto electrician returns, 2 hours later he rewires the ignition bypassing the ecu so it will switch off on ignition key. thought was ok.

went back to auto electician 1 hour pfaffing with the windows, tells me one touch doesnt work on driver side. He;ll have to have a look another time.

Sounds rubbish on starting (alternator or starter motor, scraping/grating sound and engine doesnt pick up too well, needs lot of acceleration on/off. Roof doesnt open, no beep sound on unhooking roof catches

auto electrician doesnt know about the noise yet, but is supposed to be coming out and on about the battery reset, which is ridiculous as he should have reset when he did the rewire as battery was properly disconnected prior to this because something was clearly live and didnt want another burnout. He then says if not that could roof ecu or window regulator. I dont think hes got a clue and hes costing me a lot of money, with car still poorly sick

any suggestions please this saga has been going on since before xmas and am very sad and annoyed.

Thanks x
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Re: BSI Burnt out, nightmare saga help please

Postby Capncol » Sat Jan 14, 2012 11:36 am

Your issues are far too complex to diagnose over a forum. I am always a little concerned when I hear of cars being "rewired" as I tend to find "rewired" quite often means bypassed.
I would hope that's not the case.
This is hard enough to sort out when it's in front of you, let alone sat behind a computer screen.

Your cars wiring is in a loom, which is essentially a bunch of wires taped together in a bundle. If one of the wires burns out, or overheats it will nearly always melt the insulation and damage some of the other wires in the bunch. This causes fuses to blow and incorrect operation of components.
Sounds like this my be the problem on yours.

It sounds as if you have doubts about your auto electrician.
I would find a new auto electrician experienced with can-bus systems, and be prepared to have quite a bill as you may need a new or partial loom, especially as he "rewires the ignition bypassing the ecu so it will switch off on ignition key"

Go by recommendations of friends as to who to use. Let us know how you get on
Cheers Col.

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When requesting help of a technical nature, please give as much detail of the fault as possible along with details of exact model, engine size & type, gearbox, year, mileage, and any relevant work carried out to try to solve the problem to help us help you.
Better still, put the details in your signature.
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Re: BSI Burnt out, nightmare saga help please

Postby rainbow » Sat Jan 14, 2012 6:03 pm

Capncol thanks for your reply.

Yes it has gotten complex and yes 10 hours work and the auto electrician who was recommended by our good garage has rewired the ignition to the fuel pump circuit therefore bypassing ecu or bsi paid him £290 labour already! If only pueugeot could have supplied the parts in under 4 weeks it would have gone through them.

any other suggestions gratefully received. Anyone else had problem with roof after battery disconnected?
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