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Tip for the Ladies of the Forum

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Ever since I got my second car when I was 18, I have named my cars. First one to be named was a Morris Minor that had a large Mickey Mouse sticker on the driver's door and a Minnie Mouse on the passenger's door. Car got the name Mickey Mouse and so began a tradition of naming all my cars since then. Sometimes the names weren't very nice if it turned out to be a lemon :twisted:

My 206 CC has been christened Becky.

If, on the rare occasion I go out, I go on my own as I'm a widow. If I were to receive unwanted attention, usually "Hey darlin'. I'll take you home" type thing, I'd simply reply "Thank you but I'm taking my friend Becky home" and smile sweetly :big-grin:

They don't know Becky is my car ;)

Could help to keep you safe :)

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