What was your first car?

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Re: What was your first car?

Post by Teej »

The first car was a Mk4 Cortina in beige / rust and primer and powered by a 1.6 pinto lump - this was about the time when the XR3's and 3i's were coming out, my "old banger" used to make minced meat of them :D

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Re: What was your first car?

Post by evilhamster »

a 2 year old c reg green yugo 45 most of you probably haven't heard of them so heres a pic of one the same age as the one i had
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Shaun Lee
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Re: What was your first car?

Post by Shaun Lee »

Mine was a W Reg MK1 Ford Fiesta 950cc SPORT!!! I think my dad might have added the sport badge to go with the stripes and spot lights :P

Now on car sixty something.....
02 Pug 206cc 1.6 NFU Moonstone.

Problems to date:

* Roof not working, Gearbox bearing knackered, Wishbones, droplinks and brake discs kaput - All Fixed.
* Rear wheel bearing rumble - TBC
* Engine wiring fried and Immobilser / Eco mode fault......ongoing.

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Re: What was your first car?

Post by Minirailz »

My first car is my current car :D


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Re: What was your first car?

Post by SENRAB »

Vauxhall Estate (for free) and you could fix it when it went wrong.

mark farrier
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Re: What was your first car?

Post by mark farrier »

Aston Martin DB5.......6 years of age...made by Dinky Toys I think.
Does this count ?

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Re: What was your first car?

Post by InkyAl »

:big-grin: I think it counts

My first car was a vauxhall viva....fab car.
Inky Al

206cc 1.6l 2002 in moonstone. (For fun, work, everything!)

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Re: What was your first car?

Post by fatboyslim »

Mini 1275GT
Which was held together with body filler and fibreglass!!
But I was 17 and rather poor!!
Was amazing to drive quite nippy and handled like a go-Kart

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Re: What was your first car?

Post by Enright »

R reg (1976) Ford Escort Mk2 1.3L, "Sahara Beige".
I think it lasted about 3 months before another identical car failed to give way to me on a mini-roundabout and wrote both off.
Neil. ;)

Mine: Daily driver; Mk2 MG ZS+ (TD). Current projects; 2 x Lotus Elan SE Turbos
Previous project: 56 plate 206 CC 1.6 Sport (with added Allure!)

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Re: What was your first car?

Post by gazza82 »

gazza82 wrote:First one was a 1958 Austin A35 948cc ...

Still have it stored in my mum's garage .. project for a time in the future ...

Project is starting ... well at least I'm going to start acquiring the bits I need. First up is a front disc conversion to make the wotsit stop a bit better. (If anyone hears of anyone breaking a Metro let me know as the pedal box and cylinders are apparently the thing to use!)

Went to see one the Chairman of local A30/A35 Owner's Club yesterday and had a ride in an A35 for the first time since the late 70's ... only this one wasn't standard ... 1400cc TURBO-CHARGED engine under the bonnet ... rapid and loud!
Family Fleet: ex-Cayman Green 206 CC 2.0 LE, Indigo Blue 206 1.4 HDi Hatchback, Alfa Romeo MiTo, Renault Clio II 1.5dCi

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Re: What was your first car?

Post by glen »

My first car was a Volkswagen Golf 1.6 which I just sold last year. For this holidays we got an offer for a cheap car rental, we got almost exactly the same Golf that we used to have and we are driving it all the way up north to Glasgow. Can't wait :)

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Re: What was your first car?

Post by tomt610 »

anderson01 wrote:You all have really nice models as your first car, Actually i also have a picture which I wanted to share with you people but unfortunately I don't know how to share a pic here. Now I have lost this one because I didn't have any thing for protecting but Now I have a alarm and camera in my parking area.

Funny thing if you didn't know. This post was made by person hired for seo for that website.how do I know? I made software that helped people doing that :-P

On topic, I didn't have car yet, but my father have 306 that I drove few times but I really like peugeot 206cc look, I was looking at audio tt and mazda rx8,but I am leaning towards peugeot, even though I don't really care about cabriolet function, but it looks much better closed than normal 206

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Re: What was your first car?

Post by cillian »

My 206cc is my first car :)

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Re: What was your first car?

Post by Covbandit »

A Ford Escort mk2 I think, P reg anyway 1976 bright orange
Wanted a mk2 1600E Cortina but this was the sensible option and Dad let me have it cheaper, regretted it ever since.
Wish i'd had the Dolomite Sprint I nearly had also, regretted not having that ever since also.......
Joined forum for this one....206 1.6 convertible 2006 (Daughter)

Family fleet
2.0 Mondeo diesel estate (Mine) 19
2.0 Mondeo diesel Mk3 (Wife) 54
1.6cc Peugeot 206 (Daughter 2) 55
2.0 Diesel Golf (Sons) 19
1.6 Ford Focus (Daughter 1) 63

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Re: What was your first car?

Post by stevegos »

my first car was a mk3 savage Cortina,aged 17 followed by a mk 1 escort mexico followed by a mk 2 escort rs 2000,kids came along and it seemed to go downhill from there lol

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