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ISO wiring problem. 206cc 1.6 allure 2004

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ISO wiring problem. 206cc 1.6 allure 2004

Postby Shopinspree » Sat Oct 01, 2016 3:03 pm

Hello.. I've got myself a new head unit and been trying to fit it. I've got as far as swapping the red and yellow wires on the wiring harness that came with the head unit so now it turns on/off properly when turn the ignition key.. my next job is to find the illumination wire.. the harness ill wire is currently in pin 2 as I call it next to the earth but no joy at getting the head unit to work with my head lights.. also I would like to connect the key 1 and key 2 wires for my stalk controls.. anyway if someone could identify what the 6 wires are in the black ISO plug that would be a big help.

Looking in my hand book it only lists the two power wires and the earth all the others show as blank but I deffo have 6 wires

Yellow/green = earth <I know that much
Two fat yellow = battery <I think
Red. = live

There's also:
An orange wire and two extra yellow wires in there that I have no clue about.
Thank you for any assistance..
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Re: ISO wiring problem. 206cc 1.6 allure 2004

Postby iooiuk » Sun Oct 02, 2016 4:29 pm

What head unit have you got and is there not a wiring kit for the stalk?
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