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How to get a power wire from the engine bay to the cab

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Re: How to get a power wire from the engine bay to the cab

Postby MartinMax » Wed Nov 07, 2018 9:47 am

I spent hours trying to find the grommet and plastic part behind the glove-box. Then I realized since my car has the steering wheel on the left, this is actually positioned under the steering wheel. From then on it was pretty straight forward:
- Locate the grommet on the inside (this must be done blindly, as the location is very tight)
- Looking at the plastic part with the bunch of wires in the middle, you can drill a hole from the engine bay
(this requires a relatively long drill bit ~60cm)
- Once the hole is there you should make a small hole for the wire on the grommet and pull it through the hole.
(the grommet will seal the hole from the inside)
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