All the rejected 206CC's......
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Ok, here goes.....

Picked up our 1.6 206cc Allure on Feb 2nd 2004. On checking it over, we found that the drivers door window had a small scrath on it but they said that they would order a new window in for us.
Anyway, a week later when cleaning her for the first time, i noticed that there were a few small paint defects like bubbles and small particles of dust in the paint work. I told the dealers and they said they would look at it when it comes in to have the windows replaced.
A few days after that i bought a set of ali hoops. As i climbed in the back to unbolt the back seat, the whole seat moved and on closer inspection i found that the drivers side bolt to the rear of the seat was missing. I couldnt believe it as i have 2 children and they have been in the back on many occasions previous. I was livid, so i got straight into the car and took it to the dealers.
They were also gob smacked as they said it would have to go into the bodyshop as the fuel tank will have to come off for the bolt to be securely attached. 2 week wait. While i was there i pointed out the paint defaults and while i was pointing them out we found in total 24 !!!!
In the week that followed (bearing in mind we had only had it for 3 weeks) the breaks started squeeking, the car failed to start on 4 occasions, one of the seat bealts fail to opperate correctly, the roof leaked, noticed a rear panel was out of alignment and the drivers door was getting harder to close.
This little lot was enough for me and all that was on my mind was to reject the car.
I had to follow the correct route ie by telling the sales manager (who totally agreed) and he informed Pug. I phoned 2 weeks later to find out what was happening and no one from Pug had been in contact with him regarding the car. After quite a heated phone call, he said he would try a different route and within 2 hours he phoned me to say Pug had agreed to replace our car due to all the defects and faults, even though they havent even seen the car.
I must admit, the sales manager for Toomies, Basildon, Essex did us proud and seemed to be on our side all the way.
I believe all of these problems have been sorted out, but if you are interested in buying this car, double check with the above to see if all the problems and the paintwork has been rectified. Very nice car apart from that !!!!!
Collecting my new one this thursday and have already been to check it and all seems fine. I decided to pay the extra for the 2.0L Allure and i cant wait !!!
Sorry story was so long, but if you really think you have a good claim about rejecting your car, stick at it and if all fails, local trading standards office, they are spot on with there advice and it also helps to mention you spoke to them in any letters etc as it seems that Pug will then take you seriously !
Life's a peach when the suns out and the roof is down !!!

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