All the rejected 206CC's......
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I really hope to god that nobody has got this car. It was my first Peugeot 206cc. I couldnt wait to get it, and when I finally did I was really happy for for a whole 2 weeks!
Firstly the car was registering faults which I dont think ever got fixed coz whenever I took the car in they said that nothing registered on their dignostic compuer! Not a very good answer!!
Then some weeks later I was driving back from a shopping center then all off a sudden the horn sounded continuosly and all the lights where flashing on the car. It looked as though I had stolen my own car, very embarrising plus it didnt stop for 10 minutes! :?
Then I had a whole pile of crap with the brakes, the squeeking, the dials not working etc etc!
The worst was still yet to come.........
The COM switch or whatever its called came loose in the steering wheel causing it to lock up whilst I was driving. Not good as I couldnt get the wheel to turn back the other way, which ment I almost drove into a metal gate, which scared the S***out of me! :evil:
Anyway they fixed it or so I thought. It happened another 3 times each time more horrifying. By the end I didnt want to get back in that car! Ive got a new one now (that took a lot of hassle to get), I think they realised in the end with me being at the Peugeot garage most of the summer 2002 upset and p***** off
My new cars going ok, had a few probs but nothing like the old one. Just hope I dont see my old car on the road somwhere, coz trust me when they say its fixed, it isnt! :cry:

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