LN02DKO For sale at Warwick Wright Brent Cross

All the rejected 206CC's......
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LN02DKO Platinum silver 1.6S Auto:
- Alloys, black leather, side air bags
- First registered early 3/02
- Mileage approaching 3000

The above is not a rejection, but a courtesy car we have had for the last month from Warwick Wright Brent Cross and just returned to them.

It is for sale on their website for £15995.

Thought we would do a service to any members thinking of buying it and list what we found wrong with it!

Similar problems to those experienced on our car:
- Drivers door needs adjusting, door glass being pushed out by roof rubber.
- Possible leak from rubber seal above door glass. Only rained heavily on the day we got it and car was flooded, but this might have been from the 1st item.
- Engine ‘lumping’ whilst idling.
- Took three attempts to restart on one occasion only.
- Slight coolant leakage where rubber hose connects to expansion tank.
- Poor operation of seat runners.
- Creaks from door glasses/rubber seals.

Problems experienced on LN02DKO, but not on our car:
- Squeaky brakes ….. occasionally.
- Plastic blanking/cover piece to driver’s end of dash twisted and popping out, (visible when door opened).

Did not experience:
- Any hesitance from engine.
- Any problems with automatic gearbox.

Also has the following damage:
- Several knife slashes to front passenger seat.
- Several scratches to boot lid.
- N/S/F and N/S/R alloys badly scuffed; O/S/F unmarked; O/S/R one minor scuff.
- Minor marks to plastic trim and a sticky patch on the dashboard.

Eye See

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