Take it away...NOW

All the rejected 206CC's......
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Take it away...NOW

Post by raphaelthecat »

At the end of my tether with this one......

So dissapointed...I bought a 53 - 206cc 2.0L SE a year ago, had only done 40,000 miles ..

Car started failing, Tappits went 3 months ago cost £900 to replace...braking sensors started playing up (these were bypassed temporarily) the speedo has now failed, it flashes STOP every time I drive, the pipes to the power steering went last week (another £250) and now this piece of **** car wont even start! :firedevil:

I will never, ever buy Peugeot again. I'd happliy throw it in the scrap yard if I didnt need to get it togther to sell on.
What should have been a good driing experience has been a nightmare....... :cry:

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Re: Take it away...NOW

Post by GrandadMonkey »

Someone will buy it cheap as it is winter and because it has faults. Will probably sort out speed sensor and have no more problems.

Don't know where you are but I'd take it to a good Peugeot indy and get them to sort it out. St Peter's Auto Centre in Oadby would be my choice as it is local to me. However "reap" has his own business now if you are in s.w. England. I bet he'd sort it.

Good luck, whatever you decide to do. Be honest if you do sell it on to a private buyer. I wouldn't be able to forgive myself if I did otherwise.

Best wishes for Christmas. Hope 2011 is better for you.

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