206cc shakes violently

All the rejected 206CC's......
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206cc shakes violently

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Hi everyone,

Newbie to the site and I have a problem, bought a 2006, 2.0l peugeot 206cc from a used car dealer, brought the car home and went for a long drive straight away,no problems.

The next morning I started the car it seemed as though it was going to cut out so I gave the accelarator a couple of taps, the car started to shake quite violently, so I turned off the engine and tried again after a couple of minutes, it did the same so I tried to pull away the car stalled, I was on my way to work so I kept going after 5mins it was fine.

The next morning the same thing with thw addition of anti pollution fault flashing up and an intermitent beeping, so I rang the garage and was told to take it in (easier said than done when the garage is miles away and I don't work on a bus route). Took it in the same day ! ! !

Rang the garage who said they were running a diagnostic test on it, cut a long story short, they fitted a new coil pack, then changed the lambda sensor as this came up on the second diagnostic test. They had the car for 6days...............

I collected it Thursday, all seemed fine until I started it (from cold) on Friday morning it did a 5 second tick over followed by the violent shaking again.

Don't know what to do, please help
With regards,
Not a happy bunny x

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Re: 206cc shakes violently

Post by minimoy »

Well kinda the same thing happened to me (with the same 2l engine), they changed the lambdasonde or whatsitscalled. It got better, not so shaky but still shaky.
Sometimes when I start it when its cold it does shakes a bit. Try changing the oil (I did that and it got better), maybe that's a prblem!

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Re: 206cc shakes violently

Post by jackieboi206 »

I have a 206cc 2.ol and it ALWAYS shakes when I start it in cold weather, it used to shake violently but I had it serviced, changed the oil andnow it doesnt do it so bad.....
In the summer it never shakes on idle, it only seems to be in the cold winter months...

not a happy bunny
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Re: 206cc shakes violently

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Hi guys,

I tried to go out this morning, had the same juddering, so much shaking that the gear stick near enough hits the seats on either side. A whole new list of faults have now appeared, so i'm carless again !

Appearing on todays list
1) ESP/AER not functioning,
2) Anti-pollution fault (again)
3) Cat converter fault,
4) Imobiliser fault.

Any ideas ? It is booked into the garage for Monday.

With regards,
Not a happy bunny.

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Re: 206cc shakes violently

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Seems you've found why the previous owner got rid of it. Ask for your money back.
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Re: 206cc shakes violently

Post by gilroy »

Just sold this car today- Not so much as a rejection as the car has been brilliant! Some little niggles though that need sorting, so if you're looking to buy check the garage in question has remedied these first
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