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Black 206cc for breaking? And tips?

Wanted items, again only LEGAL stuff......

Black 206cc for breaking? And tips?

Postby 206sexcee » Wed Aug 30, 2017 8:54 pm

I've a black 206cc which has had only a few previous owners, but naturally it needs some love as she's getting on a little!
This was my dream car when I was in high school and I would love to restore it to how it would have been new; had I been bought one at seventeen...
So... Ideally...
To get her into a state where she's semi good looking, I need an unscratched and working fuel cap and cover, an unscratched gear knob, and a driver's seat where the airbag hasn't gone so that the covers aren't coming out of the sides of it. I'm not fussed for leather - I'll burn myself in the summer. As I need a driver's seat and don't want the car to be a mess with them all mismatched, I will need an entire set...
I also need a driver's side rear window, as the seals are so filled with rust that they've scratched this one all to h*ll. Plus there's the seals to replace... the last two I need to figure out how to do; hence the double request... for tips also???
Apparently I'm being bought a driver's visor for Christmas, so we're already getting started!
Finishing touches would include getting all the scratches and chips out of her chassis but rather than a complete overhaul I'm going to spend a good few hours doing what my husband calls 't-cutting' then painting her... though to be honest when I've done the t-cut, I can't see much of a difference! Some of these chips are as big as the rhinestones on Elvis!
Thanks for any help, advice, etc.
From Bradford, x
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Re: Black 206cc for breaking? And tips?

Postby Capncol » Thu Aug 31, 2017 1:09 pm

Sounds like a labour of love!!
Regarding changing seats, I suggest you look through our forum for airbag problems. If you don't get the right seats, the airbag light can come on, and that is an MOT failure
Cheers Col.

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