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Sadly time to sell our 206cc

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Sadly time to sell our 206cc

Postby rhume » Wed Aug 28, 2019 11:48 pm

We have had our silver 1.6cc for a year but sadly it is now time to sell up as we have too many cars and my son needs a car that will seat 4 adults to get him and his mates to rugby. It is on Ebay item nos 333306078701. Silver 1.6cc with GTI wheels and 89K miles. A big thank you to all on here for their help in fixing its faults over the last 12 months. Ironic that now it is all fixed up it will have to go. :(
I find myself the owner of 2 silver Peugeots: 206cc Allure and a 4007 (7 seat 4x4)
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