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Blue 2002 206CC; 92000miles, 12months MOT

ONLY legal items, nothing dodgy.

Blue 2002 206CC; 92000miles, 12months MOT

Postby jonbury » Wed Aug 21, 2019 12:11 pm

(This is my first post here, so sorry if this is in the wrong place).

I decided to sell my 206CC this spring, but unfortunately after a winter of not being used the BSI malfunctioned. After a lot of time and £££ at the garage, the BSI is replaced, it drives, and has 12 months MOT! There are minor scuffs to body work, and the interior is tidy.

But there are still some problems which are inevitably going to reduce its value. It would be nice if it went to someone with the skill to sort out these problems - or at least make good use of it for parts - hence I am advertising here first. Really don't want to end up at we-buy-any-car-dot-com.

(And if any gurus can advise on how to tackle these issues, I'd be thrilled)

Here's the remaining problems:

(1) We can't get the clock / MFD / radio to work; whenever the clock is connected the dash dials all drop to zero so we've left it disconnected.

(2) The roof no longer retracts automatically. This has not been a previous problem, and the system does work initially (i.e. the windows drop), but it then fails to reverse-lift the boot. Maybe microswitches, maybe loss of hydraulic pressure, maybe got itself our of sync somehow? (The motor does seem to still drive, but it doesn't achieve anything).

(3) Only 1 key, and the remote doesn't work (maybe new BSI wasn't properly linked to the key?)

(4) Petrol gauge reads full. That may be correct, but its possible it may be "stuck" at full. I honestly don't recall if I left it with a full tank over winter. I guess I'll find out after a couple of days driving ...

Thanks - any sensible offer considered. We are midway between Sheffield and Manchester, and accessible by train. I'll add some photos later.
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