Brembo Brake Discs

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Brembo Brake Discs

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As is the usual story.

I purchased a pair of brake discs for my 52 plate CC only to find upon attempted fitting that the purchased ones are 27mm deep and the old ones were 32mm

I have since fitted the correct ones but can’t return the incorrect ones due to the fact one got dirty and scratched when I tried to fit it

Therefore I have for sale 1 pair 09.4987.24 Brembo Discs

Diameter [mm]:266
Brake Disc Type:Internally Vented
Cantering Diameter [mm]:66
Number of Holes:4
Brake Disc Thickness [mm]:20.5
Minimum thickness [mm]:18.6
Height [mm]:27.4
Tightening Torque [Nm]:90
Organisation number to:09078

£30 + postage.


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